Content is everything when it comes to SEO. And, blogging is the best tool to strengthen and optimise your SEO. How to ensure that your blog is thorough from all checks and signals quality content writing and editing? Here you go!

SEO Blog Checklist

Length of the blog – in words (Minimum 500 to no upper limit) – Advisable 1200 words 
Number of images (approx 1 per every 200 words) 
Alt tag to images (Y/N) 
Focus keyword (should not be used before) 
Density of focus keyword (0.5 %< density<2.5%) 
Usage of LSI keywords and other keywords (Y/N) 
Title length (not more than 60 characters) 
MD length (not more than 155 characters) 
Headline length (words/characters) 
Headline Score / Sentiment 
Small paragraphs (not more than 150 words) 
Small sentences (not more than 20 words) 
Usage of passive voice (not more than 10%) 
Usage of transition words (at least 30%) 
No. of internal links (1 per every 200 words) 
No. of external links 
Usage of focus keyword in the title (Y/N) 
Usage of focus keyword in MD (Y/N) 
Does the focus keyword appear in the first para? (Y/N) 
Focus keyword appear in H1? (Y/N) 
Only 1 H1 and rest all H2 / H3…? (Y/N) 
SEO friendly blog URL? (Y/N) 
Focus keyword in URL? (Y/N) 
No hyperlinks on focus keyword? (Y/N) 
CTA (Y/N) 
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