If consumers are king of the market, employees are the backbone of an organization.  Do you, as an organisation, cares about employee engagement? Employees are one of the most valuable assets for your organization. Do you know there is a cause and effect relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction? To form a loyal customer-base, it is very important for you to have loyal and committed employees.

Happy employees are more motivated, more productive, and more committed. – Roger Martin

Of course, happiness is a highly subjective matter. However, it can still be measured by the amount of their engagement and commitment towards the work and organization. A secret formula to keep your employees motivated, productive and committed is to boost employee engagement.

Besides talent attraction and retention, employee engagement has become a major challenge for businesses. – Forbes

Secrets to boost employee engagement

Employee engagement

1.   Give individual attention

Everyone loves to be attended. Each employee is unique in their own way, so dealing with them on an individual basis is often a challenging task. As much as possible, try to focus on your employee on an individual basis; their work, initiatives, issues and concerns should be noted and acted upon. At the same time, do not forget, paying too much attention can cause suffocation to the employee. Give them the little work space which they require to grow themselves.

2.   Provide adequate training and mentoring

Hiring a right candidate for the right job description is almost a dream come true for any organization. However, experienced or intelligent a candidate will be, s/he definitely needs to be groomed according to organizational culture, ethics, and functionalities. Provide them relevant and adequate training to ensure quality and timely delivery from your employees.

The more the employee feels the company is investing in their future, the higher the level of engagement. – Brad Shuck


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Utilize their probation period (if any) in the most fruitful way. Let them settle in your organization under your apt training and mentoring. Once ensured, you will not have to regret the time and efforts invested in them in their initial period.

3.   Provide them an opportunity to innovate

Innovation is the key to success. Everyone is innovative in their own way. While teaching them organizational culture and do’s / don’ts, be careful, you do not suppress their innovation skills. Provide them an opportunity to come up with new methodologies and ideas of carrying out the same work. Sometimes, it is possible that they may provide a completely new outlook which can result in fostering the growth of your company.

4.   Provide timely, constant, and motivating feedback

Feedback, especially if constructive, is a two-edged sword. Constructive feedback is used for improving productivity and minimizing routine errors. However, you should plan your words carefully while giving constructive feedback. Lots of criticism will make your employees either hid their mistakes or run away from you.

While highlighting weaknesses and threats, also emphasize upon their strengths and opportunities. If employees know that they are doing well, they will persistently keep doing well; and even thrive to perform better. Feedback should be a continual activity; it is the real opportunity to share opinions and find solutions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. -Ken Blanchard

5.   Listen to them

Listen to your employees, not just your customers.

According to Forbes, your employees have more impact on your business than you do, day to day.

Listening to them will not waste your time, but it will boost your productivity as an organization. Their ideas, anticipations, knowledge and experience should be utilized in the most fruitful manner. Give them feel that organization belongs to them. Create a motivational environment and make them feel comfortable at their workplace. They will definitely pull up their sleeves for organizational growth and success.

6. Practice what you preach

Coming up with policies and procedures is indeed one of the ‘must have’ things. The challenging part here is as a leader, as a manager, you also need to adhere the policies established by you. On one hand, if you place stringent policies and on other hand, if you only don’t follow it only because you are a leader – it never works.

Communication is a key here. How you communicate and put up things matters most.

7. Recognize their efforts proudly and loudly

How many of you have praised your team if they have given you a brilliant idea? If you have, indeed you are the most loved leader.

Support and celebrate the success of your employees. Recognize their initiatives, efforts, and valuable inputs. Success is contagious. If one employee is performing good and recognized well, others will automatically get motivated to grab your attention and perform well. You can support employee growth by providing learning opportunities, cross training, and coaching

8. Be transparent

Did you know there is more than 90% of the positive correlation between management transparency and employee engagement? 

Let them know where the company is heading and what are you up to as a leader. Share some of the recent financials and projects which are in the pipeline with them. It will give them trust that along with the growth of the company, they are also growing.

9. Be flexible

The world is changing rapidly; lifestyles are getting changed dynamically. The way of working has seen enormous advancements. In this changing era, if you stick to your traditional approach, you are definitely going a wrong way. Be flexible and offer flexibility. There is a dual fold advantage here for you. You are allowing your employees to work as per their schedule and you are also delegating the responsibility. In fact, you are lessening your burden as a leader. What you need to do is just allow somewhat flexibility of working hours, sitting arrangements, coffee breaks, that’s it! In return, you can ask for quality work in your set deadline. How convenient for both ends!

10. Be thankful

How would you feel if your ideas and work is well recognized and well appreciated by others? You will feel awesome, right? Give the same feeling to your team members. Even a small “thank you” email (with a CC to all concerned persons) will definitely mark a significant positive difference in the way of your employee’s work.

11. Constant engagement from day 1

Probations are not only for them to learn things; it is also for you to teach things. Provide constant engagement from day 1 of their joining. Whether you prefer ‘on the job’ training or you prefer ‘training sessions’, it’s completely up to you. Just make them feel comfortable as they embark their new journey.

12. Team building activities

‘Team’ stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. Team building exercise is very important. There should not be inner conflicts within your team. Take them together for lunch or outing once in a quarter. Take weekly meetings. Ask them to work together on a single project. In short, create a unique work environment which everyone loves.

Having fun together along with work not only breaks up the monotonous but also encourages creativity and cooperation.

13. Celebrate your staffs’ birthdays/accomplishments

Small celebrations won’t waste your productive time but it will mark good and long lasting impression in your employees’ mind. Do not miss to celebrate their birthdays, accomplishments and other occasions. You can greet them with birthday cards, gift vouchers or any other small gifts. If nothing, offer them an off on their special day.

14. Boost their multi-tasking skills

Each one of us will have lots of hidden talents, which we might not be knowing. Be a proud and loved leader, assign them varied activities within their JD. Hold regular brainstorming sessions and ask them to come up with effective solutions for the persisting issues. You can arrange motivational workshops on a quarterly basis for better employee engagement. Employees need to feel validated. Make them feel that they are an important portion of the organization.

15. Get into action now! Better ‘late’ than ‘never’

Think together, work together and grow together. Involve them in your ideas and decision-making processes. Your growth is dependent upon your employees’ growth and vice-versa. Start Now! Apply these techniques and experience the magic.

Wish you all the best on starting your employee engagement program with these secret sauce!



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