Every parent wants their child to be on top – be it sports, academics or any creative activities. Kids  between the ages of 8 and 12 are considered as tween. They are neither kids nor teens. This age is very crucial in shaping them, preparing them for the right future. It is the right time of transition and change, for a better tomorrow. Millennial parents are finding it tough to prepare their tween child for regular studies. Because they too are occupied with lot many things at workplace and at home. 

Preparing your Tween for regular studies

Nonetheless these kids are very smart, they often dislike to sit in a corner and read/write for longer hours. And why not? Usually, Tweens are more engaged in extracurricular activities. Also, parents prefer to engage and involve them to  take on more chores and responsibilities at home. In this tender age, they are also burdened with a pile of school homework. Top of it, they have to ensure their regular studies. As an aware and conscious parent, how can you contribute to their betterment? Lets see.

Explain the importance of time management

Time management skills are a must at any age. If you can successfully develop at tween age, you no need to worry for their future. Assign them smaller tasks and ask them to complete within a particular time frame. Reward them if they succeed to do so. It will motivate them to manage tasks within time going forward. Make daily or weekly tasks lists. Ask them to prioritize at their own. This will open up their analytical skills. 

Develop reading habits

Mother Helping Children With Homework

At least, 500 words a day – make them read on their own. Benefits of reading are countless. It will not only improve their reading speed, but also expose them to vast ocean of vocabulary. Start with picture stories, number games or crossword puzzles. 

Supporting kids to develop reading skills without adding to the pressure the child is an excellent sign of strength-based parenting. If your tween can read fluently, your half-job of making them sit for regular studies is almost done. 

Don’t let them cramming, instead explain them the basics

When it comes to their regular school studies, never ever allow them to cram any single topic. Cramming gives short-term results. They will not remember anything once the phase is passed. Instead, go slowly and steadily with them. Explain each and every topic in depth. In between, keep asking them relevant questions. Keep them engaged throughout their studies. Ask them to make their own notes. 

Once you explain them any topic, ask your tween to:

  • Compare (identify similarities and differences)
  • Contrast (show differences)
  • Summarize (give a concise account without detail)
  • Prove (support a point of view with facts)

Conduct small tests

Take their surprise tests. Prepare various worksheets and test papers which they find interesting. Remember, such tests are tools for learning at school and at home. Help your tween learn to take tests. The best way to do so is to help them understand the same questions / topics in a day advance. Make them aware of the test format and the scope of material covered. 

Over to you!!

Parenting starts from the birth of a child and stays forever. It a never ending beautiful journey. From toddler to tween, and teen to adult, they need you! Of course,  they are “growing up too fast,” and they can be“immature” or “distracted.” but, drive them towards regular studies. This will help them lessen their distractions and understand their tiny responsibilities.


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