Enough heard about content is king?  Well, content writing profession is always in demand regardless of industry or sector. Neither content writing nor being  a content writer is an easy job. However, at times, content writers do feel that their jobs are underrated. And, they are not getting fairly paid. But, have you ever wondered about their other qualities? Lets now go behind the curtains and peep into some fun facts about content writers.

Fun facts about content writers

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to make fun of content writers or their profession. Do read it, it really gives some deep insights about their profession, which is quite challenging, though highly underrated.

Content writers are crazy

Most of the content writers are always being asked how much they can write per day or per hour? Zilch the questioner know that they are bunch of craziness. They can write as many words as you can speak. At the same time, there are dry days too when they just end up writing 200 or lesser words in a day. So, moral of the story – never question them! : D

Jokes apart, this is common because writers follow readability principles. They mostly use active voice and are direct with their readers. Just how you don’t like speaking all the time, writers too feel not to write!

Writing is a passion which has to come from inside!

Content writers are moody

Content writers are born to be moody. Their emotions change unpredictably and often. As they say, “Being moody means you’re tuned in to you feelings, or in other words, you have great intuition.” Believe me, they can write on any dam topic. Juggling from topics to topics and constantly pouring of emotions into their words can make any person on this earth moody.

Content writers are good arguers

The toughest portion of their jobs is to know what they actually want to say. Their jobs involve writing on variety of topics in variety of tones and styles depending upon their target audience. And, of course, nobody in the world can claim that they know the matter 100%. So, over the period of a time, they learn on how to convince on what they are saying, no matter what the world believes or feels. Isn’t it interesting?

Writers stick to a single idea and find the multiple ways to convey and convince that single thought.

To be continued….(Will soon come up with other great and unexplored traits of content writers, stay tuned!)


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